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Since inception, we in Pites Kolios had always planned to cover both the Greek as well as many other international markets. Early in the first year, we started to engage actively on the exports’ front both with a broad selection from our existing product portfolio as well as by creating bespoke products that we offer to our international clients, taking into account their regional needs.

Our reliability, our cutting-edge technology and equipment, the know-how of our people and above all the unparalleled quality of our products have been instrumental in driving our market share in more than 20 markets internationally, within the EU as well as in the rest of the world. The next stage of our growth now involves further expanding our international representatives’ network worldwide.

We are available to serve anyone who does not compromise with the low quality of their products. We work with the largest supermarket chains for their PL (private label) products and we are at the forefront of their preference. Our customers choose from a wide variety of proposals, depending on the needs of their market. In many cases, they work with us to create new flavors and new packaging.

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