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We are available to serve anyone who does not compromise with the low quality of their products. We work with the largest supermarket chains for their PL (private label) products and we are at the forefront of their preference. Our customers choose from a wide variety of proposals, depending on the needs of their market.

We cooperate in order to create new flavors and new packaging, depending on your needs:

Greek Flatbread

Our Greek flatbread is suitable for your daily imaginative creations. You can fill the Greek pita with ingredients of your choice, wrap it, fold it in half or even use it as a base for your creations.

Pocket Pita

Our pocket pita is ideal to fill it as you wish. Just open it in half and add your favorite ingredients. Alternatively, you can use it to make individual sandwiches, calzones or peinirli. A piece of pita includes a small world, so round, so open to whatever you want for lunch. So convenient and easy to make, for any time of the day!

Naan Bread

Our promising brand new pita bread is the best choice. Enjoy it as a side dish but also as a complete meal with your favorite meat, delicious vegetables and cheese.

Pizza Base

A fluffy and tasty pita bread, is the ultimate Pizza base since it is crispy and fluffy so as to be eaten happily. Add some sauce, cheese and garnish that you like and make the most delicious meal. It does not contain trans fat and is suitable for vegans.

Classic wheat flour

Wholegrain flour from Wheat, durum, oat, barley or rye

Corn flour

Classic wheat flour with Mediterranean flavors





Flatbreads, customized with the logo of your choice (through the available options we suggest) and your own design. Our company will guide you in creating a package for a flatbread adapted to your philosophy. Once we receive some information from you, we suggest the best possible solutions for your product that aim at its perfect performance.

Our versatile packaging capabilities and our know how will allow you to also choose the type of packaging. Many solutions are available:

For all types of packages, you can choose the number of pieces per package, the weight of product and the printing design from 1 to 8 colors.

Secondary packaging – Cartons. You can choose the number of single units per carton. Possibility to choose if you need lock bottom boxes, with or without perforation for easy opening.

Since 2014, we are active in the field of Private Label. This makes us well aware that each customer has different and specific needs, and we are able to respond to them in the best possible way. 

We offer each customer all the personalized services he needs to develop the flatbread under his own name.

Our cooperation starts from the selection of the product, the packaging and

the design. Once these actions are completed, our cooperation does not end there. We are by your side to advise you in logistics for the optimization of your orders, for the maintenance of quality, for international certifications and your sales. 

There are expert people who revolve around the development of private labels and can advise you, meet your every need and question to have the best possible course for your product.

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