In 2013, Kolios family decided to evolve pita, leading the product one step forward. The inspirer of the project was Evangelos Kolios, whose 45 years of experience inside the pita industry gave him a deep knowledge of the products. His 3 sons, Andreas, Alexandros and Panagiotis who share the same passion, set together a new goal, to create the best pita in the world market.

Today, Pites Kolios SA has a modern production unit of pita bread, with 2 production lines and a productivity of 50,000 pcs / hour in a covered building of 3,500m2. We support the Foodservice market as well as the Retail market. We have introduced more than 20 different fresh and frozen products in the Greek and European retail market with great success and increasing sales annually. In addition to our dynamic presence in the Foodservice network in Greece, our products reach more than 20 countries worldwide, including Europe, Russia, USA, Canada and UAE. Our strategy is to continue the already steady upward course of our company by creating new products and new collaborations, while remaining a strong partner.

We produce more than 50 different products, in different shapes and flavors, frozen (shelf life 12 months) and fresh (shelf life 50 days at room temperature). Some of them are the Mini pita, the Classic pita, the Cypriot Pocket pita, the Naan bread, the Peinirli base, the Square pita and the Pizza base. In addition, we produce Cypriot Pocket Pita Wholegrain, which bears the Wholegrain logo and the Nordic keyhole logo, which means that this product is healthier for consumers, as it has less sugar, fat, salt and is rich in dietary fiber. All our flatbreads do not contain trans fats and are suitable for vegans.

 People believe that the pita bread recipe is easy, we just mix flour and water, and it is ready.

But we, the pita bread producers know that is not just that.  It is the love for the dough that makes us work early in the morning so that our product is always fresh. It is our passion that makes us wait impatiently to puff the dough in the oven. It is our passion for innovation that lead us to constantly try new recipes and develop our products. It is the craft of the well-baked pita bread that is passed down from generation to generation.

Pites Kolios S.A. is for Kolios Family, a big tasting bet, to exceed the limits of use of souvlaki pita, and to develop it by creating new, even more imaginative, tasty fields of use.


Finally, life needs passion to enjoy it with values, quality, authenticity and love …

… as long as you can distinguish them.

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